Director: Ousmane Sembène
Country: Senegal / Burkina Faso
Year: 2004
Running Time: 124 min.
Language: Jula and French with English subtitles

Moolaadé, Ousmane Sembène, Senegal, 2004, 124 min.
Moolaadé is a rousing film directed against the still-common African practice of female circumcision. Set in a small village, four girls facing ritual “purification” flee to the household of Collé Ardo Gallo Sy, a strong-willed woman who has managed to shield her own teenage daughter from mutilation. Collé invokes the time-honored custom of moolaadé (sanctuary) to protect the young fugitives. Tension mounts as the ensuing stand-off pits Collé against village traditionalists (both males & females), endangering the prospective marriage of her daughter to the heir-apparent to the tribal throne.

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