Why Are They Here? Chinese Stories in Africa

Director: Yara Costa
Country: Mozambique
Year: 2011
Running Time: 35 min
Language: Sotho, Akan, and English

A tiny village in Lesotho, an isolated island in Mozambique, the bustling capital of Ghana… poor Chinese immigrants come here hoping to thrive and prosper find themselves facing all kinds of obstacles – even death. This film takes a close look at three stories representing the most personal encounters between Africans and Chinese in the past ten years.

About the Director

Yara Costa

Also Known As: Yara Costa Pereira

Biography: Yara Costa is a journalist/director from Mozambique. After living in Angola and South Africa and working in Brazil as a reporter, she decided she wanted to tell the untold stories of Africa and help to counter the negative stereotypes that so often characterize the continent in Western media. In 2009 she received a scholarship to study news and documentary filmmaking at NYU. She made her first film, Why Are They Here? Chinese Stories in Africa, in 2011.

(Source: Through African Eyes – Conversations with the Directors – Volume 2, BONETTI Mahen and SEAG Morgan (Editors), 2010, African Film Festival, Inc. and Printinfo JV LLC, Yerevan, Armenia, p.45.)

Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:
Why Are They Here? Chinese Stories in Africa (2011).

Why Are They Here? Chinese Stories in Africa (2011).