Director: Fernando Belens
Country: Brazil
Year: 1990
Running Time: 7 min.
Language: Portuguese

The clotheslines of Salvador are what tie this film together. The colors are arranged according to the day of the week of each orixa, jumping off the screen like hides waiting to be cured.

About the Director

Fernando Belens

Biography: Fernando Belens, a Bahian director and screenwriter, has made ​​19 films in super-8, 16, and 35mm starting from the early 70s. Among these stand out the experimental Anil (1989), a cine-poem about the work of Salvadorian washerwomen, which received the “Revolución y Cultura” prize at the XII Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano in Havana. Fiber (1986) a documentary about the mutilated sisal, and The Mother (1998), a portrait of Lucy D. Rocha, mother of Glauber , were both awarded in the Film Festival Lawn. The fictional Straight, Comedy (1994), a scathing deconstruction of prejudices concerning sexuality, was awarded the Special Jury Prize at the Toronto Film Festival. Nappy (2000), was also considered the best film jury of the UNESCO Film Festival of Maranhão. Pau Brazil, his first feature film, obtained financing through the public notice Agnaldo Siri Azevedo, the Department of Culture and Tourism of Bahia. Fernando Belens is also a psychiatrist, director, and playwright, and was co-founder of “Crossroads Theater” group.

Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:
Anil (1999);
Pixaim (2000).

Anônima Fragmentação (1971);
O Cemitério (1971);
Viva o cinema! (1973);
Crianças no morro da sereia (1974 – Fernando Belens, Carlos Melo);
Por exemplo, Caxundé (1976 – Romero Azevêdo, Fernando Belens, Eduardo Cabrera, Antonio Cury, Maria Edna Oliveira, Pola Ribeiro, Homero Teixeira);
Experiência I (1975);
Experiência II transformada (1975);
Experiência III (1975);
Experiência IV (1975);
O Discurso dos Mendigos (1976 – Fernando Belens, Dinorah do Vale);
Experiência V (1977);
Direitos, direito, humanos à parte (1977);
Experiência I-B (1978);
Cinema sem nome (1978 – José Araripe Jr., Fernando Belens, Edgard Navarro, Pola Ribeiro);
Em se plantando tudo une (1979);
Crianças de mundo novo (1980);
Ora bombas ou a pequena história do Pau. Brasil (1981);
Me diz que sou seu tipo (1981 – José Araripe Jr., Fernando Belens, Dudú Martinez, Edgard Navarro, Pola Ribeiro);
Pixado (1981);
Oropa Luanda Bahia (1983);
Fibra (1986); Anil (1990);
Heteros – A Comédia (1994);
A Mãe (1998 – Fernando Belens, Umbelino Brasil);
Pixaim (2000);
Feast of Titans [Ensaios Visuais: Teatro de Titãs] (2008);
Pau Brasil (2009).