Comédia Infantil

Director: Solveig Norlund
Country: Sweden and Mozambique
Year: 1997
Running Time: 100 min.
Language: Portuguese


Adapted from a Swedish novel that uses poetic drama to illuminate and humanize difficult social issues, this film is a touching account of the hardships faced by the young boy, Nèlio, during Mozambique’s civil war. After losing his family during a raid on his village, Nèlio manages to escape from a training camp for young soldiers. Upon reaching the capital, he becomes the leader of a group of street children who believe he has the power to cure diseases. His burgeoning reputation as a healer, however, cannot shield him from the brutality of war. As Nèlio lays wounded, he recounts his harrowing story to José, the local baker.

About the Director

Solveig Norlund

Biography: Solveig Nordlund is a Swedish-Portuguese filmmaker. Nordlund grew up in Stockholm and earned a BA degree in Art History from the University of Stockholm. In 1962, she met Alberto Seixas Santos, whom she married, and her interest in cinema grew. In 1970, this interest transformed into a profession when she became an assistant on several films. Shortly after, she began to edit films as well. Norlund wears many hats being the founder of an independent film production company as well as a theater director.


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