Gito, The Ungrateful / Gito, l’ingrat

Director: Léonce Ngabo
Country: Burundi
Year: 1992
Running Time: 90 min.
Language: French

One of the most popular African films in recent years, Gito begins with a Burundi student in France about to head home after completing his university degree. Before leaving, Gito promises his Parisian girlfriend, Christine, that he will send for her as soon as he is appointed a cabinet minister. Back home, he soon finds that no cabinet post or any job awaits him. Instead, he finds his childhood sweetheart, Flora, who has her own plans for his future. When Christine arrives unannounced, the fireworks begin. The two women meet and join forces, humorously punishing Gito.

About the Director

Léonce Ngabo

Biography: Léonce Ngabo was born in Burundi in 1951. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry in Algiers. In addition to being Director of the School of Telecommunications in Bujumbura, Ngabo also made many recordings as a singer and founded several choral societies and orchestras which he conducted. Léonce Ngabo is most known for his first feature film Gito, the Ungrateful

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