Kongo: Grand Illusions

Director: Daniel Cattier
Country: Belgium / Democratic Republic of the Congo
Year: 2010
Running Time: 52 min.
Language: French

Kongo grand illusion

Through the use of animation and never-before-seen colonial footage, this documentary introduces neglected figures of the past who strove to build the Congolese nation, and illuminates some of the premises for the movements which eventually lead to independence.

About the Director

Daniel Cattier

Biography: Daniel Cattier is a freelance film director. His aim is to tell stories linked with Africa. Through his mixed cultural and linguistic background (his father being Belgian and his mother Zimbabwean) the issue of identity is at the core of his interests. After completing the first cycle of a law degree, he read Politics and History at London University School of Oriental and African Studies. Prior to filmmaking he worked as a Research and Campaign Assistant at the International Secretariat of Amnesty International. He then moved into TV production by working as a Researcher for documentaries produced for Channel 4, BBC and France 3. Beside his personal projects, he does storyboards and directs corporates, TV programmes as well as commercials.

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Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:
Africains Poids Moyens [African Middleweights] (2005);
Kongo: 50 Years of Independence of Congo – Grand Illusions [Les Grandes Illusions] (2011).

Africains Poids Moyens [African Middleweights] (2004);
Paradoxes de l’assassin (2007);
Kongo: 50 Years of Independence of Congo – Grand Illusions [Les Grandes Illusions] (2010).