Director: Godwin Mawuru
Country: Zimbabwe
Year: 1992
Running Time: 103 min.
Language: English


Based on events in director Godwin Mawuru’s own life, Neria ruefully illustrates deliberate perversion of traditional customs for the sake of personal greed. Neria has built a comfortable life in the city, but when Patrick is tragically killed, Neria finds herself caught in the clutches of her husband’s family. Invoking “tradition,” her brother-in-law first takes all of her money and possessions as well as her children, leaving her with little more than her clothes. Another impressive feature debut, Neria is a fascinating portrait of a society in transition as well as a powerful feminist statement.

About the Director

Godwin Mawuru

Biography: Mawuru was born in 1961 in Zimbabwe. After being involved in theater for several years, Mawuru began working as an actor and scriptwriter for film and television. His directorial debut, Neria (1992), earned him the OAU award for Best Director at the Carthage Film Festival. I Am the Future (1994), his second feature film, was produced by Kubi Indi, a local businesswoman who made history in being a female producer, heralding a new era of film production in Zimbabwe.

(Source: AFF, Inc.)

Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:
Neria (1993);
I Am the Future (1996).

Neria (1992);
I Am the Future (1994).