On Line Rendez-Vous / Rencontre En Ligne

Director: Adama Roamba
Country: Burkina Faso
Year: 2004
Running Time: 12 min.
Language: French


A short film on love in the age of internet, On Line Rendez-Vous chronicles the everyday rituals of a middle-aged couple, Franck and Myriam who continue to perform the empty rituals of their loveless marriage in resentful silence: passively trading barbs through uncivil personal messages scrawled on their bathroom mirror, spiking drinks at dinner time, demarcating their sleeping area of the bed with a stretch of rope, and flaunting their virtual infidelities in front of each other. Convinced that he has met the woman of his dreams, Franck arranges for a rendez-vous on Valentine’s Day with unexpected – and inebriating – results.