Yearly Archives: 2012

  • The Voyage of Memory / La Pirogue de Ma Mémoire
  • Director: Ahmed Diop,Senegal,1993,46 min
  • Languages: Wolof
  • Voyage takes place on Soumbédioune Beach in Dakar, where the narrator spent his childhood. Children, the living tissue that binds a culture’s diverse activities, introduce us to the community: the fisherman, the carpenter who cuts and shapes the barques, the …
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  • The Vow
  • Director: Junaid Ahmed,South Africa,1997,11 min
  • A father and son attend a Hindu ceremony where the father hopes to perform a ritual that will cure his son’s affliction.

  • The Voice in the Wood / Yiri Kan
  • Director: Issiaka Konate, Burkina Faso, 1989,26 min
  • Languages: Moré
  • The Voice in the Wood is a moving portrait of one of Burkina Faso’s greatest musicians, Mahama Konate, as he initiates his son into the traditions of Burkinabi music. By teaching his child how to play the balafon, Konate reveals …
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  • Via New York
  • Director: Kagenda Murungi,Kenya / USA,1995,10 min
  • Drawing from memory and narrative, Via New York explores the politicization of African students in New York and the participation of South African lesbians and gays in the anti-apartheid movement. Via New York is a snapshot of African lesbian and …
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