Yearly Archives: 2012

  • Harvest 3000 Years
  • Director: Haile Gerima
    Country: Ethiopia
    Year: 1975
    Running Time: 150 min
    Language: Amharic

    Based in the U.S., Haile Gerima returned to his native Ethiopia to shoot this massive, staggering reflection on Ethiopia amidst the collapse of Haile Selassie’s uncaring regime … read more»

  • The Harder They Come
  • Director: Perry Henzell
    Country: Jamaica
    Year: 1972
    Running Time: 90 min
    Language: English and Jamaican Patois

    Ivan (played by Jimmy Cliff), an aspiring young singer, leaves his rural village for the capital city of Kingston hoping to make a name … read more»

  • Haramuya
  • Director: Drissa Touré
    Country: Burkina Faso and France
    Year: 1996
    Running Time: 90 min
    Language: French

    Haramuya plays out amid the shantytowns and affluent architecture of Ouagadougou, where wealth and poverty thrive side by side. In his second feature, Touré … read more»

  • Guimba
  • Director: Cheick Oumar Sissoko
    Country: Mali
    Year: 1993
    Running Time: 120 min
    Language: Bambara

    This film tells the story of a small West African village ruled by a tyrant and his son. The movie starts and ends as a folk … read more»

  • Growing Stronger
  • Director: Tsitsi Dangarembga
    Country: Zimbabwe
    Year: 2005
    Running Time: 30 min
    Language: English and Shona

    After living a high profile life as a model and wife to the then coach of the Zimbabwe national football team, Tendayi Westerhof stunned the … read more»

  • The Great Debaters
  • Director: Denzel Washington
    Country: USA
    Year: 2007
    Running Time: 126 min
    Language: English

    Marshall, Texas, described by James Farmer, Jr. as “the last city to surrender after the Civil War,” is home to Wiley College, where, in 1935-36, inspired by … read more»

  • The Grass Is Singing
  • Director: Michael Raeburn
    Country: Zimbabwe
    Year: 1995
    Running Time: 102 min
    Language: English

    Scared of becoming an “old maid,” Mary, a white secretary, marries a local struggling farmer. But life on the farm is harsh and the only place she … read more»

  • Grandma’s Grammar / Le Grammaire De Ma Grandmere

    Director: Jean-Pierre Bekolo
    Country: Cameroon
    Year: 1996
    Running Time: 9 min.
    Language: French

    In an informal meeting, the filmmaker receives an unforgettable definition of cinema from the late African film pioneer, Djibril Diop Mambéty.

    read more»

  • Governor Stands Firm
  • Director: Archival Newsreel
    Country: Kenya
    Year: 1965
    Running Time: 3 min.
    Language: English

    Kenyan students protest British actions in Southern Rhodesia.

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  • Goodbye Mothers
  • Director: Mohamed Ismail
    Country: Morocco
    Year: 2007
    Running Time: 110 min
    Language: Arabic and French

    Mohamed Ismail’s Goodbye Mothers dares to depict the peaceful co-existence in 1960s Casablanca of two families, one Muslim and one Jewish. The film touches on … read more»

  • Gombélé
  • Director: Issa Traoré de Brahima
    Country: Burkina Faso and France
    Year: 1994
    Running Time: 25 min
    Language: Dioula

    An African fairy tale about a young boy who is very different: an albino, Khalifa has been abandoned by his parents, but … read more»

  • The Golden Ball / Le Ballon D’or
  • Director: Cheik Doukoure
    Country: Guinea and France
    Year: 1992
    Running Time: 90 min
    Language: Malinké and French

    The Golden Ball is an engaging tale that follows Bandian, a boy of twelve years, who runs very fast and is a … read more»

  • Goi-Goi: The Dwarf
  • Director: Mahamat Saleh Haroun
    Country: Chad
    Year: 1995
    Running Time: 15 min
    Language: Chadian Arabic

    Goi-Goi is a man who loves to drink and play cards. While his attentions are occupied, his wife cheats on him and the entire village … read more»

  • God Is African
  • Director: Akin Omotoso
    Country: South Africa
    Year: 2002
    Running Time: 90 min.
    Language: English

    God is African represents a new spirit in South African film, one aimed at breaking down cultural barriers, exposing xenophobia, and portraying a new consciousness of … read more»

  • Gito, The Ungrateful / Gito, l’ingrat
  • Director: Léonce Ngabo
    Country: Burundi
    Year: 1992
    Running Time: 90 min.
    Language: French

    One of the most popular African films in recent years, Gito begins with a Burundi student in France about to head home after completing his university degree. … read more»

  • The Gift (Umkhungo)
  • Director: Matthew Jankes
    Country: South Africa
    Year: 2011
    Running Time: 26 min
    Language: English and Zulu

    A disillusioned Johannesburg street thug rescues an orphaned child with uncontrollable supernatural powers. On the run, he must help the sickly boy master his … read more»

  • Ghana Celebrates
  • Director: Archival Newsreel
    Country: Ghana
    Year: 1957
    Running Time: 1 min
    Language: English

    Long Live Ghana! Fishermen, beauty queens and the Duchess of Kent join Kwame Nkrumah in celebrating the first black African nation’s independence.

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  • Get That Number
  • Director: Stephen Leeds
    Country: USA
    Year: 1995
    Running Time: 22 min.
    Language: English

    In a big city full of beautiful women, James has no problem getting phone numbers of attractive women, but for poor Scotty just getting one number is … read more»

  • The Genesis / Owo-Blow
  • Director: Tade Ogidan
    Country: Nigeria
    Year: 1997
    Running Time: 80 min.
    Language: Yoruba

    Mr. Owolabi is a father of four whose quest to create a just society unwittingly earns him a ten-year jail term. His incarceration wreaks havoc on his … read more»

  • Free Wheels / En Roue Libre
  • Director: Sidiki S. Bakaba
    Country: Ivory Coast
    Year: 2004
    Running Time: 90 min
    Language: French

    At 6:00pm in Katakataville, an African capital city, Fofana is a taxi driver caught in a traffic jam. Patheco and Guele, two cripples, take advantage … read more»