Yearly Archives: 2012

  • Contenda Island / Ilhéu de Contenda
  • Director: Leao Lopes
    Country: Cape Verde
    Year: 1995
    Running Time: 110 min.
    Language: Portuguese

    Set against the lush beauty of Cape Verde’s landscape, this film explores the evolution of the traditional colonial class structure. In response to a changing … read more»

  • Clandestine / Le Clandestin / O Clandestino
  • Director: José “Zeka” Laplaine
    Country: Zaire and Angola
    Year: 1997
    Running Time: 15 min.
    Language: Portuguese and French

    When an Angolan stowaway lands in Lisbon, he learns that the Europe of his dreams may not be the paradise he imagined. … read more»

  • Daughters of the Dust
  • Director: Julie Dash
    Country: USA
    Year: 1991
    Running Time: 113 min.
    Language: English

    A hauntingly beautiful tale set at the turn of the century on one of the Sea Islands off the Georgia coast. The film portrays the unique culture … read more»

  • Daughter of Keltoum
  • Director: Mehdi Charef
    Country: Algeria
    Year: 2001
    Running Time: 106 min.
    Language: French and Arabic

    Rallia, a young woman raised in Switzerland, travels to an isolated Berber settlement located in the rocky Atlas Mountains of Algeria to discover her relationship … read more»

  • Daresalam
  • Director: Serge Issa Coelo
    Country: Chad
    Year: 2000
    Running Time: 105 min.
    Language: French and Arabic

    Koni and Djimi, friends since childhood, are living a peaceful life in their native village when, outraged by the army exaction and crimes, they … read more»

  • Dancing in the Dust / Bal Poussiere
  • Director: Henri Duparc
    Country: Ivory Coast
    Year: 1989
    Running Time: 91 min.
    Language: French

    A charming comedy about an Ivory Coast pineapple mogul, called Demi-God, with five wives, Dancing in the Dust teaches a comical lesson about greed. Named for … read more»

  • Critical Assignment
  • Director: Jason Xenopoulos
    Country: Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, and the UK
    Year: 2003
    Running Time: 106 min.
    Language: English

    In this glossy stunt-filled thriller, Africa’s first action hero, Michael Power, is a reporter who comes back home to … read more»

  • The Cora Player / Le joueur de cora
  • Director: Cilia Sawadogo
    Country: Canada
    Year: 1996
    Running Time: 7 min.
    Language: English and French

    In this animated short, a girl confronts the wrath of her father when she challenges tradition by falling in love with a boy from the … read more»

  • The Congo – What Now?
  • Director: Archival Newsreel
    Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo
    Year: 1961
    Running Time: 2 min.
    Language: English

    Patrice Lumumba signs the documents of Congo’s independence. Now that Congo has been liberated, it faces internal conflict with Lumumba heading one side … read more»

  • Conversations On A Sunday Afternoon
  • Director: Khalo Matabane
    Country: South Africa
    Year: 2005
    Running Time: 80 min.
    Language: English

    A fascinating contribution to the rich global trend of blending documentary and fiction, the film begins with one man’s curiosity about a lonely woman in Johannesburg … read more»

  • Congo My Foot
  • Director: Okepne Ojang and Kyle O’Donoghue
    Country: South Africa and Cameroon
    Year: 2008
    Running Time: 24 min.
    Language: French, Lingala, and English

    The members of Tino La Musica, a Congolese band based in Cape Town, live and rehearse in a … read more»

  • Coming of Age
  • Director: Judy Kibinge
    Country: Kenya
    Year: 2007
    Running Time: 12 min.
    Language: English

    Coming Of Age takes us through the development of Kenyan democracy through the eyes of a young Kenyan girl. The naive post-independence euphoria is reflected in an … read more»

  • Come See the Bioscope
  • Director: Lance Gewer
    Country: South Africa
    Year: 1994
    Running Time: 26 min.
    Language: English


    Sol Plaatje was a politician, novelist, historian, musician, translator of Shakespeare into vernacular language, and founder member of what was to become the African National … read more»

  • Come Back to Sudan
  • Director: Daniel Junge and Patti Bonnet
    Country: Sudan and USA
    Year: 2008
    Running Time: 27 min.
    Language: English, Bari, and Dinka

    The last time Lado, Mabior, and Deng saw their families, they were eight years old. This was before the … read more»

  • Come Back, Africa
  • Director: Lionel Rogosin
    Country: South Africa
    Year: 1960
    Running Time: 83 min.
    Language: Zulu and Afrikaans

    Come Back, Africa is the second feature-length film after On the Bowery (1956) written, produced, and directed by American independent filmmaker Lionel Rogosin.

    The … read more»

  • Comédia Infantil
  • Director: Solveig Norlund
    Country: Sweden and Mozambique
    Year: 1997
    Running Time: 100 min.
    Language: Portuguese


    Adapted from a Swedish novel that uses poetic drama to illuminate and humanize difficult social issues, this film is a touching account of … read more»

  • The Colonial Friend / L’ami y’a bon
  • Director: Rachid Bouchareb
    Country: Algeria and France
    Year: 2004
    Running Time: 9 min.
    Language: French

    In 1940 France went to war against Germany and announced not only the mobilization of its territory, but also of its colonies. Senegalese family man … read more»

  • Colobane Express
  • Director: Khady Sylla
    Country: Senegal
    Year: 1999
    Running Time: 52 min.
    Language: Wolof

    The car rapides, relatives of the bush taxi, are the only viable form of urban transport in Dakar. Not only do they carry people of all classes … read more»

  • Collision Course / Rota de Colis
  • Director: Roberval Duarte
    Country: Brazil
    Year: 1999
    Running Time: 12 min.
    Language: Portuguese

    After a robbery, the paths of a thief, a worker and a street child cross. In the streets of this Third World metropolis, a tragic yet common … read more»

  • Coffee Colored Children
  • Director: Ngozi A. Onwurah
    Country: Nigeria
    Year: 1988
    Running Time: 15 min.
    Language: English

    This lyrical, unsettling film conveys the experience of children of mixed racial heritage. After suffering the aggression of racial harassment, a young girl and her brother … read more»