The Bloodettes / Les Saignantes

Director: Jean-Pierre Bekolo
Country: Cameroon
Year: 2005
Running Time: 92 min.
Language: French

After an eight-year absence, maverick director Jean-Pierre Bekolo returns with his magnum opus, Les Saignantes. This superbly photographed, stylishly edited, and tastefully scored film is about two young femme fatales who set out to rid a futuristic country of its corrupt and sex-obsessed powerful men. In this sci-fi-action-horror hybrid, Majolie and Chouchou, navigate a sordid world where sex, money, politics and death perniciously overlap. Young, attractive, fashionable and lethal, they are on a mission to change the destiny of their country. Reveling in its display of excess, committed to aesthetics of cool, Les Saignantes is one of the first science fiction films to come out of Africa.