The Grass Is Singing

Director: Michael Raeburn
Country: Zimbabwe
Year: 1995
Running Time: 102 min
Language: English

Scared of becoming an “old maid,” Mary, a white secretary, marries a local struggling farmer. But life on the farm is harsh and the only place she can find comfort is in a socially unacceptable relationship with Moses, her black servant.

About the Director

Michael Raeburn

Biography: Michael Raeburn has achieved international acclaim as a Director and Script writer, and also is a novelist. His features, documentaries and experimental movies stand out as ground breaking works with a unique personal touch, and have won numerous festival awards. For almost four decades Michael has struggled without compromise for a free independent voice within an increasingly homogenized world. His principal theme is the sense of alienation, frustration and anger felt by a social group that has been isolated and suppressed by a bigger and more powerful one. Violence, anger and even madness are the inevitable results. Born and bred in Africa, the greater part of his work emanates from there, and is appreciated for an authentic insider’s understanding and vision.


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