Twins of the Rainforest

Director: Odion P. Agboh
Country: Nigeria
Year: 1998
Running Time: 26 min.
Language: English


An expectant couple is horrified when the mother gives birth to twins. According to tradition, the villagers believe that twins are evil and must be drowned immediately after birth. The family decides to defy convention and forces a whole community to confront their own values.

About the Director

Odion P. Agboh

Biography: A writer/director with strong emotion packed visual styles, who creates and treats stories for documentary-like, human interest images! Really versed in cultural content works. With a short film that has traveled to festivals and conferences in Europe and Africa. I am given to revealing the cinematic moments in stories. I have designed a children adventure series. And would create and develop African folk tales that mature into enchanting “intrigues.”

– AFF, Inc.
– Odion P. Agboh)

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