Via New York

Director: Kagendo Murungi
Countries: USA / Kenya
Year: 1995
Running Time: 10 min.
Language: English

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Drawing from memory and narrative, Via New York explores the politicization of African students in New York and the participation of South African lesbians and gays in the anti-apartheid movement. Via New York is a snapshot of African lesbian and gay lives through the lens of migration and the pursuit of formal education. The film illustrates how both can function as catalysts for self-transformation and social change.

About the Director

Kagendo Murungi

Biography: Kagendo Murungi is a Kenyan feminist who works in independent partnership with artists and activists around the world to develop and produce independent film projects, festivals and other sites for creative cultural agency. She helped institute the position of Africa program officer at the International Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC). A former international grants panel member of the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice, Ms. Murungi continues to work in community with Pan-African immigrants on grassroots initiatives and in support of sexual and political dissidents. Kagendo received her BA in Women’s Studies from Rutgers University and her MA in Media Studies from the New School for Social Research. She was greatly honored to have her essay, Small Axe at the Crossroads: A Reflection on African Sexualities and Human Rights, published in Sing, Whisper, Shout, Pray!: Feminist Visions for a Just World, ed. M. Jacqui Alexander, Lisa Albrecht, Sharon Day, and Mab Segrest (EdgeWork Books, 2003), 489-501.


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