Director: Nantie Steyn
Countries: South Africa
Year: 1996
Running Time: 11 min.
Language: English


Kobus, the mayor of a small town, becomes infatuated with Marie, a health enthusiast. He is very distressed when the apartheid laws are scrapped and Marie no longer does her laps at the local swimming pool. Kobus ponders the reasons for her absence. Is it perhaps because she doesn’t want to be seen there by some of her fellow swimmers? As a solution, he buys the pool and offers it to Marie. She rejects Kobus, which astounds him, and – disgusted that he could think her prejudiced – Marie takes up jogging instead.

About the Director

Nantie Steyn

Biography: Nantie Steyn studied journalism and politics at Rhodes University and graduated in 1989. Over the following year she worked in print media, writing movies and theater reviews. She started her film career in 1991 while doing research for documentaries on training and development.

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