Director: Wanjiru Kairu
Countries: Kenya
Year: 2009
Running Time: 13 min.
Language: English


Already severely in debt to his older brother Robbie, Nicky, an alcoholic on the road to recovery, asks Robbie for money to pay for his daughter’s college education. When sibling rivalry boils over, Nicky is left with more than he bargained for.

About the Director

Wanjiru Kairu

Biography: Wanjiru Kairu is a filmmaker based in Kenya whose main goal is to create films that are compelling, original and successful in promoting dialogue on social issues. She has successfully produced, directed and written for television and has a number of hit shows and award winning programs. Some of her work includes Weakness and her first feature project, The Transcendence, an African superhero narrative.

(Source: http://africanwomenincinema.blogspot.com/2010/08/wanjiru-kairu-talks-with-actnow.html)

Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:
Weakness (2010).

Must be a God Fearing Chirsitan Girl (2007);
Weakness (2009);
New Year’s Eve (2013).