Wrestling Grounds / L’Appel des Arènes

Director: Cheikh Ndiaye
Countries: Senegal
Year: 2005
Running Time: 105 min.
Language: Wolof and French


When 17-year-old Nalla joins a champion wrestling team, he learns that wrestling is about more than muscles, money and ladies. Wrestling Grounds twists the familiar images of Africa, cutting from nightclubs to ancestral ceremonies to streets where boomboxes play and athletes in traditional dress and sneakers dance their way to victory.

About the Director

Cheikh Ndiaye

Biography: Cheikh Amadou Ndiaye was born in 1962, in Dakar, Senegal. He studied editing and filmmaking at the Free Conservatory of French Cinema (CLCF) in Paris. His first feature film was The Call of the Arenas (Selection Berlin Film Festival 2006). He produced four documentaries with the company SIRA Badral and two fictions which his feature film The Call of the Arenas.

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