Arya Lalloo and Shannon Walsh

Biography: Born in 1980 in South Africa, Arya Lalloo is an independent filmmaker of mixed heritage based in Johannesburg. She has written and directed documentaries for South African broadcast as well as the outreach documentary Citizen X, which explored the reactions of social movements to xenophobic violence in peri-urban townships. More recent work includes writing and directing on Alexandra! My Alexandra, a historical documentary series about the famous township of the same name, and the feature documentary Jeppe on a Friday (co-directed with Shannon Walsh) that paints an intimate and sensory portrait of life in a regenerating Johannesburg neighborhood. Arya is broadly interested in urban identities and social histories in post-apartheid South Africa and beyond. Much of her work is driven by a need to identify and provoke popular misperceptions and misrepresentations of contemporary urban African experience, by exploring, reimagining and celebrating these often-invisible identities and histories.

Biography: Shannon Walsh is a filmmaker, and an Assistant Professor at the School of Creative Media, City University Hong Kong. Her first feature documentary, H2Oil, was recognized by the Montreal Mirror as one of the top ten independent documentaries of 2009 for its urgent and poignant telling of the human and environmental devastation caused by Canada’s tar sands. In 2011, her film St-Henri, the 26th of August, brought sixteen filmmakers to uncover the complexity and contradictions of everyday life in a Montreal neighbourhood. Jeppe on a Friday, her second neighbourhood documentary co-directed with Arya Lalloo traces the lives of 5 diverse people in Johannesburg’s inner city. Underlying all of her work is a focus on social justice and collaboration. Walsh received a PhD from McGill University in 2010, and a post-doc in the South African Research Chair in Social Change at the University of Johannesburg in 2013.

(Source: AFF, inc.)

Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:
Jeppe on a Friday (2013).

Revisit (2002 – Shannon Walsh);
Sayeh (2003 – Kaveh Nabatian, Nicolas Rutigliano, Shannon Walsh);
Fire & Hope (2004 – Shannon Walsh);
No One Is Illegal (2005 – Shannon Walsh);
Inkani (2006 – Shannon Walsh);
The Space in Between (2007 – Shannon Walsh);
Home-less (2008 – Shannon Walsh);
It Happened to Me (2008 – Rehad Desai, Darryl Els, Arya Lalloo, Michael Matsie);
The Father Inside (2009 – Rehad Desai, Arya Lalloo);
H2Oil (2009 – Shannon Walsh);
Citizen X (2010 – Arya Lalloo);
À St-Henri, le 26 août [St‑Henri, the 26th of August] (2011 – Shannon Walsh);
Alexandra! My Alexandra (2012 – Arya Lalloo);
Jeppe on a Friday (2012).