Cambria Matlow

Biography: Cambria Matlow is a filmmaker and photographer. Her work depicts the beauty of growth and decay, seeks meaning in moments of stillness and movement, and values the sensory experience of texture and atmosphere. Small interactions reveal personal and political truths, and simple images allow for clarity. As a film director and producer, she has won funding from the Experimental Television Center, Brooklyn Arts Council, the Puffin Foundation and LEF Foundation. In 2005, she cofounded Birdgirl Productions, whose projects include the award-winning feature documentary Burning in the Sun, about a young man who starts a local solar energy business in Mali, West Africa. The film, which Cambria co-directed and coproduced, was selected for IFP’s 2008 Documentary Rough Cut Lab as well as Independent Film Week’s ‘Spotlight on Docs’ section. After showing as an official selection in over 30 international film festivals, in 2012 the film premiered on PBS World’s AfroPop series and won the prestigious Cinema for Peace International Green Film Award in Berlin. As a film distributor, Cambria worked for two years with Film Movement, where in her role as manager of non-theatrical programming she led nationwide distribution and outreach efforts for international and American independent films, including notable award winners Munyurangabo, Lake Tahoe and Alamar. She also crossed over into film exhibition, serving as the Filmmaker Liaison at the 2011 Ashland Independent Film Festival in Ashland, Oregon, and running a monthly community film series at the Alma Education and Movement Space in Portland. Cambria holds a Certificate in Film Production from Burlington College in Vermont and a B.A. in Hispanic Studies from Columbia University.


Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:
Burning in the Sun (2010 – Cambria Matlow, Morgan Robinson).

Chapstick (2003);
The Sacred Clown (2005);
Let’s Do Lunch (2006);
Burning in the Sun (2010 – Cambria Matlow, Morgan Robinson).