Claudia Palazzi and Clio Sozzani

Biography: Claudia Palazzi is a sociologist and a filmmaker. In 2005 she directed two documentaries (In Benito’s Land. Predappio and Memories of Crespi d’Adda), selected in various international festivals. Since 2006, she has supervised the scriptwriting of historical and news independent documentaries. Her work in the film industry also includes collaborations with Lucky Red Production Company and Janus International. In 2008 she started working with major Italian Production Companies and TV Channels (Endemol S.R.L., Zodiak Active, Current, Cult, Italia 1, Fox Channels and Sky 1) as an assistant director on several documentary series and fictional documentaries focused on modern society and culture: Erotika Italiana, Business of Sex, Addiction, Gossip History, Italian Doomsday Preppers, etc. In 2011 she co-directed her first full-length documentary Jeans and Martò with Clio Sozzani.

Biography: Clio Sozzani is an anthropologist and a filmmaker. She worked in Ethiopia and Senegal for International Development Cooperation Projects. For the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs she managed a program of Behavioural Change Communication, directing spots and awareness-raising videos. She has been working as a film director for different production companies and non-profit organizations. Together with Claudia Palazzi, she wrote the script of a 52 minutes film on women’s entrepreneurship, winner of the funding of the Italian Film Commission; she also directed two 26 minutes social documentaries that were selected in Leipzig, Milan, Rome, Venice Film Festivals. In addition, she has developed a web documentary for Slow Food International.

(Source: AFF, Inc.)

Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:
Jeans and Martò (2013).

In Benito’s Land. Predappio [Nella Terra di Benito. Predappio] (2005);
Memories of Crespi d’Adda [Memorie di Crespi d’Adda. Passato riemerso] (2005);
Moto for Peace (2006 – Clio Sozzani);
Brick Making and Food Conservation in Kenya (2006 – Clio Sozzani);
Ma la Femmina… (2006 – Clio Sozzani);
Kenyan Acrobats (2007 – Clio Sozzani);
Toward a Better Life. The stories of Mantgebush and Ashenafi (2008 – Clio Sozzani);
Development Experience Association (2009 – Clio Sozzani);
CinemArena in Ethiopia (2010 – Clio Sozzani);
Come2Play in Ethiopia (2010 – Clio Sozzani);
CinemArena in Senegal (2010 – Clio Sozzani);
Jeans and Martò (2011).