Clio Sozzani

Biography: Clio Sozzani is an anthropologist and a filmmaker. She worked in Ethiopia and Senegal for International Development Cooperation Projects. For the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs she managed a program of Behavioural Change Communication, directing spots and awareness-raising videos. She has been working as a film director for different production companies and non-profit organizations. Together with Claudia Palazzi, she wrote the script of a 52 minutes film on women’s entrepreneurship, winner of the funding of the Italian Film Commission; she also directed two 26 minutes social documentaries that were selected in Leipzig, Milan, Rome, Venice Film Festivals. In addition, she has developed a web documentary for Slow Food International.

(Source: AFF, Inc.)

Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:
Jeans and Martò (2013 – Claudia Palazzi, Clio Sozzani).

In Benito’s Land. Predappio [Nella Terra di Benito. Predappio] (2005 – Claudia Palazzi, Clio Sozzani);
Memories of Crespi d’Adda [Memorie di Crespi d’Adda. Passato riemerso] (2005 – Claudia Palazzi, Clio Sozzani);
Moto for Peace (2006);
Brick Making and Food Conservation in Kenya (2006);
Ma la Femmina… (2006);
Kenyan Acrobats (2007);
Toward a Better Life. The stories of Mantgebush and Ashenafi (2008);
Development Experience Association (2009);
CinemArena in Ethiopia (2010);
Come2Play in Ethiopia (2010);
CinemArena in Senegal (2010);
Jeans and Martò (2011 – Claudia Palazzi, Clio Sozzani).