about the director

Cosima Spender

cosima-spender-dirBiography: Cosima Spender was born in Italy in an artists’ family, and moved to England at fourteen. A university degree in Anthropology and Art History at the School of Oriental and African Studies cultivated her interest in local identity and ethnic traditions, whether in Africa, Asia or Europe. Still photography and travelling sparked off a passion that led to the post-graduate documentary directing course at the National Film and Television School in England. Since leaving film school she has travelled around the world as a director, often filming her own projects. She lives in London.

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Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:
The Importance of Being Elegant (2009 – George Amponsah, Cosima Spender);
Dolce Vita Africana (2013).

Marble Mountain (2000);
Life and Death on Exmoor (2001);
Orchestra Baobab, Specialist in All Styles (2002);
Ibrahim Ferrer, Buenos Hermanos (2003);
Omara Portuondo, Flor de Amor (2004);
The Importance of Being Elegant (2004 – George Amponsah, Cosima Spender);
Boulevard de l’indépendance (2006);
Dolce Vita Africana (2007);
Without Gorky (2011).

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