Daniel Kamwa

Biography: Daniel Kamwa was born in Nkongsamba, Cameroon in 1943 and later moved to Paris where he also studied cinema. He joined Peter Brook’s comedy troupe as an actor in 1968 before leaving to work in theater, film and television. He directed his first short film, Boubou Cravate, in 1972, and his first feature in 1976: Pousse-Pousse, one of the most popular and successful films shown in francophone Africa at that time. Kamwa’s many films include Notre fille (1980), Danse automate danse (1980), La Petite Fille trouvée (1987), Vidéo lire (1990), and Circle of Powers (1998).

– AFF, Inc.

Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:
Totor (1996).

Boubou cravate (1972);
Pousse-pousse (1976);
Chantal Rega (1977);
La Ligne du cœur (1978);
Novotel (1979);
Adum (1979);
Danse automate danse (1980);
Messe à Melen (1980);
Notre fille (1980);
Cam-air dix ans d’essor (1981);
Nous les fous du volant (1982);
Les Fleurs du terroir (1983);
La Petite Fille trouvée (1987);
Vidéo lire (1990);
Totor (1994);
Circle of Powers (1998);
Mah Sa-Sah (2008);
Turbulences (2014).