Death For Sale

Also Known As: Baya Al Maut / Mort à vendre
Director: Faouzi Bensaïdi
Countries: Belgium / France / Germany / Morocco / United Arab Emirates
Year: 2011
Running Time: 117 min.
Language: Arabic

Tetouan, a Moroccan port city permanently under a low, heavy sky. Three friends, small time crooks, decide to rob the town’s biggest jewelry store to escape from a hopeless future. Malik is out of a job and madly in love with Dounia, a prostitute at the La Passarella nightclub. He’s in on the heist to rescue her and create a new life for them. Allal is the tough guy who can’t understand how Malik has fallen for a whore. He needs cash so he can be a player in the local drug trade and move up from snatching purses. Soufiane is the youngest of the three, drifting out of school and looking for direction. After his world is turned upside down, he has his own reasons for wanting to rob the Christian jewelry storeowner. But when the plan falls apart, the three friends must face their own, separate destinies, alone.