Debs Paterson

Also Known As: Debs Gardner-Paterson

Biography: Debs Paterson was born in Yorkshire and educated in Africa and India before studying for a degree, and gaining a reputation as a theatre director, at Cambridge University. Her first job after graduation was anchoring Total Football – about the English Premiership – on Singapore TV. On returning to England, Paterson began to forge ahead with her film career, working for the UK Film Council and assisting casting director Jeremy Zimmermann. Her career and her life were threatened by a serious car accident in 2003. During her recovery, she was told she may never be able to walk or speak in the same way again. In 2008 she directed the award-winning We Are All Rwandans, a short film shot in location and based on true events surrounding the Rwandan genocide. It brought her to the attention of the African producers of Africa United, an empowering, joyous film about the ability of children to overcome all obstacles, however threatening they may appear.


Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:
Africa United (2011).

We Are All Rwandans (2008);
Aimé (2008);
Home (2008);
Supraman and the School of Necessity (2008);
Africa United (2010).