Helle Toft Jensen

Biography: Born in 1957 in Denmark, Helle Toft Jensen is a founding member of SPOR, founded in 1980 in order to promote inter-cultural understanding between the North and the South through film, educational materials, and web sites. Working there as a director and producer, she made several documentaries since 1979, which have been shown in numerous festivals around the globe. Other accomplishments include being a selecting member for Third World Films for national distribution, co-organizing film festivals in Copenhagen with films from the South, re-editing documentaries for Danish distribution, and conducting seminars for Danish NGOs on AV-communications.

(Source: http://www.seagullfilms.com/directors-index/jensen-helle-toft)

Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:
Hotel of Dreams [Drømmenes hotel] (2006).

Free Fatherland or Die (1979);
Children of the Revolution (1980);
In the Shadow of the Bomb (1982);
We Can Become Everything (1983);
Little Grown-ups (1984);
Isabel c/o Denmark (1989);
Living Despite it All (1990);
Isabel on Her Way (1993);
Help? (1995);
Fading Away (1997);
Ancestors Online – A Journey into African Memory (2000-2002);
Now Listen Up (2005);
Hotel of Dreams [Drømmenes hotel] (2005).