Ismail Farouk

Biography: Ismail Farouk is an artist and urban researcher living and working in Cape Town. He holds the position of Researcher at the African Centre for Cities, where he convenes the Central Citylab project and is responsible for the urban culture portfolio. In his artistic practice, he focuses on developing creative responses to racial, social, political and economic justice. His work has appeared in several exhibitions: Afropolis (Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum, Cologne, 2010); Urban Concerns; ZA: Young Art from South Africa (Palazzo delle Papesse, Sienna, Italy, 2008); Apartheid: The South African Mirror (CCCB, Barcelona, 2007). In 2008, he was a fellow at the MAK Centre for Art and Architecture, Los Angeles; this residency gave rise to the exhibit Canceled without Prejudice (2008-2009). Ismail Farouk was the first recipient of the Sylt Quelle Cultural Award for Southern Africa (2008), presented by the Goethe Institut, South Africa.


Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:
God’s Land (2010).

Morris Isaacson High School Route (2006);
Johannesburg Time Lapse – Jack Mincer Taxi Rank (2006);
JHB626GP (2006);
We Cannot Continue to Die like This (2007);
Soweto Uprisings: Vuwani Secondary oSchool (Chiawelo) (2007);
Rock Sale (2007);
Performance 2 (Passage) – Public Intervention (2007);
Johannesburg Trolley Pusher Protest (2008);
JAG Gates: 15h30 (Urban Concerns) (2008);
Keith Trolleycam 1 (Urban Concerns) (2008);
Keith Trolleycam 2 (Urban Concerns) (2008);
Rites of Fealty / Rites of Passage at the Bag Factory 2008 (2008);
Trolley Pushing and Life in Zim (2009);
First Trolley Road Test (2009);
Stayin Alive in Joburg (2009);
God’s Land (2009);
Binary Existence: Reggie Watts (2010).