Issa Serge Coelo

Biography: Issa Serge Coelo was born in 1967 in Chad. He studied history in Paris and film at the Ecole Supérieure de Réalisation Audiovisuelle (ESRA) as a film director. Issa Serge Coelo started working as a cameraman for French TV channels M6, France 3, TV5 and CFI before working as a director on Un taxi pour Aouzou which won awards in many festivals and was nominated at the Césars (the French Oscars) in 1997. Coelo made his first feature film, Daresalam, in 2000.


Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:
Un taxi pour Aouzou [A Taxi for Aouzou] (1996);
Daresalam (2001, 2002).

Clip-clap (Date unknown);
Un taxi pour Aouzou [A Taxi for Aouzou] (1994);
Dans les sables de Bourème (1995);
L’Auberge du Sahel (1998);
Kaya Man (1999);
Daresalam (2000);
Maiguida (2003);
Prie Dieu pour ne pas être riche parmi les pauvres (2006);
Tartina City [N’djamena City] (2007).