Jean-Pierre Dikongué-Pipa

Biography: Born in 1940 in Douala, Cameroon, Jean-Pierre Dikongué-Pipa is a film director and writer. He produced Cameroon’s first full-length feature film, Muna Moto, in 1974. Dikongué-Pipa’s films deal with the relationships between elements of traditional Cameroonian culture and the wider world. He became a filmmaker through theater, studied at the Cinema Conservatory in Paris. After three short films (1965-1966), he directed feature films, thus bringing Cameroon cinema to international audiences. An author, playwriter and theater producer, Jean-Pierre Dikongué-Pipa directed and acted in about thirty plays during his life-long career.

– AFF, Inc.

Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:
Muna Moto (2008).

Un simple (1965);
Les Cornes (1966);
Rendez-moi mon père (1966);
Muna Moto (1974);
Le Prix de la liberté (1978);
Kpa Kum (1980);
Music and Music: Super Concert (1981);
Histoires drôles, drôles de gens (1983);
Badyaga (1987).