Jihan El-Tahri

Biography: Jihan El-Tahri is an Egyptian writer, director, and producer. After receiving a degree in political science from the American University in Cairo, she worked as a news correspondent for British and American newspapers, covering the Middle East and Africa. In 1990, El-Tahri began directing and producing documentaries for French television and international broadcasters. She has produced and directed numerous documentaries, including the award-winning film Behind the Rainbow. She also produced and directed the acclaimed documentary Cuba: An African Odyssey and the Emmy-nominated House of Saud. Jihan’s other accomplishments include being a member of the Executive Bureau of FEPACI (Federation of Pan-African Cinema) and the Secretary General of the Guild of African filmmakers in the Diaspora.

Through African Eyes – Conversations with the Directors – Volume 2, BONETTI Mahen and SEAG Morgan (Editors), 2010, African Film Festival, Inc. and Printinfo JV LLC, Yerevan, Armenia, p.113)

Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:
Cuba: An African Odyssey (2008);
Behind the Rainbow (2009);
Egypt’s Modern Pharaohs (2016).

Heaven Can Wait (Date unknown);
Terrorism (Date unknown);
Arafat: Behind the Myth (Date unknown);
The Fundamental Question (Date unknown);
Do they Feel My Shadow (Date unknown);
Le Jour de drapeau (Date unknown);
Enfance enchaînée (Date unknown);
Le Coran et la Kalashnikov (1990-94);
Voleurs d’organes (1990-94);
The Spiral Tribe: Rave Parties in UK (1990-94);
Abortion in Ireland (1990-94);
Algérie: la vie malgré tout (1990-94);
Holidays in Hell (1995-98);
Israel and the Arabs (1995-98);
L’Afrique en morceaux: la tragédie des grands lacs (1998);
54 heures d’angoisse (2000);
Histoire d’un suicide: Pierre Bérégovoy (2001);
Viewpoints on AIDS (2002);
The Price of Aid (2003);
House of Saud (2005);
Cuba: An African Odyssey (2006);
Behind the Rainbow (2009);
Egypt’s Modern Pharaohs (2014).