Jorge Alfredo

Biography: Jorge Alfredo, born October 1950, is a musician and filmmaker from Bahia Ubaitaba, Portugal. He quickly excelled in his music career in the late 70s, with 2 Lps and a compact with recorded songs by Diana Small, Gum with Banan, Paulinho Boca de Cantor, and many others. Currently, he is the president of the Association of Producers and Filmmakers North and Northeast (APCNN). In 2006, he organized the book Introduction to Copyright Law. At the 34th Festival de Brasilia do Cinema Brasileiro, Jorge Alfredo won best film by the official jury, and best editing for his long documentary, Samba Riachão. Jorge Alfredo continues to be recognized as a director of video, TV, film, advertising, writer, director, editor, and musician.

Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:

Oriki (2000 – Jorge Alfredo, Moisés Augusto).


Oriki (2000 – Jorge Alfredo, Moisés Augusto);

Samba Riachão (2004).