Julie Henderson, Thulani Mokoena, and Donne Rundle

Biography: Henderson, Mokoena, and Rundle are members of the Direct Cinema Workshop, a group trained by the French association Varan. This facility provides basic film knowledge over a three-month training period and creates work opportunities within a broad cross-section of communities. Direct Cinema Workshop uses in-depth research to reveal through daily life the accessibility of new cultural and political ideas. Henderson, Mokoena, and Rundle assisted each other on projects of their own choice.

(Source: AFF, Inc.)

Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:
My Vote Is My Secret – Chroniques Sud-Africaines (1996).

Aliens and Brothers (1973 – Thulani Mokoena);
Mesdemoiselles (1986 – Julie Henderson, Donne Rundle);
Mabeta Street (1987 – Donne Rundle);
Changing Times (1992 – Thulani Mokoena);
My Vote Is My Secret – Chroniques Sud-Africaines (1995).