Lance Gewer

Biography: Lance Gewer is an internationally recognized award winning filmmaker and cinematographer who has worked in the field for 28 years. He photographed Tsotsi (Directed by Gavin Hood – Oscar for Best Foreign Film 2006, Peoples and Critics Award Toronto Film Festival), Beat the Drum (27 International Awards), Master Harold and the Boys (with Freddy Highmore and Vingh Rheimes), Otelo Burning (over 70 film festivals internationally), Flight of the Storks (Directed by Jan Kounen with Ruttgaer Hauer), Spud and Spud 2 (with Troy Sivan and John Cleese),  Elelwani, Jozi, and others. Lance just completed production of Kite, with Samuel. L. Jackson. He has filmed international feature documentaries, docu-dramas and dramas. He also directed and produced several short fiction and non-fiction films, and has lectured extensively over the last 20 years.


Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:
Come See the Bioscope (1997).

Come See the Bioscope (1997);
Quickies (2003 – Johnny Barbuzano, Lance Gewer, Brendan Pollecutt, Alex Yazbek).