Michael Hammon

Biography: Born in South Africa in 1955, Michael Hammon graduated with a degree in Painting and Photography from the University of Cape Town in 1978. He worked in advertising and as a news cameraman before attending the German Film & Television Academy (DFFB) in Berlin from 1985-1991. Aside from working as director of photography and camera operator on many award-winning national and international productions, he has directed several films. Wheels and Deals (Tödliche Geschäfte – 1991) was his first feature film as a director.

– AFF, Inc.

Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:
Wheels and Deals [Tödliche Geschäfte] (1993).

The Grabber (1983);
Spiral of Rage (1986);
Along the Line (1986);
Worldchampionship (1987);
The Buffalo Hunters (1988);
Mohale Str. Brothers (1989);
We Only Wanted Justice (1990);
Wheels and Deals [Tödliche Geschäfte] (1991);
Trekking to Utopia (1993);
Hillbrow Kids (1999 – Jacqueline Goergen, Michael Hammon);
Little Big Men on Ice (2000);
Fremde Kinder – Schlangen im Feuer (2002);
Bloch – Ein krankes Herz (2005).