Michelle Medina

Biography: Michelle Medina is a filmmaker and writer in Casablanca, Morocco. Medina graduated with honors from Smith College in 2005; she wrote her thesis and lectured on Moroccan women in cinema and identity. Michelle Medina received a Fulbright Scholarship in 2005 and returned to Morocco to create a visual project to her academic work. Portrait of Khmissa is a four part collection of portraits that includes: Little Creations, Bread, Water, and Sucre & Melha. Medina was born in the US and raised in Japan under unconventional circumstances that have influenced her vision of home, religion, and identity. Medina is also a writer and blogs about her return to Judaism, life as a single mother, Morocco, dating and living between languages and countries.


Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:
All I Wanna Do (2011).

Portrait of Khmissa: Little Creations, Sucar & Melha, Water, Bread (2007);
Style Booa (2009);
All I Wanna Do (2010).