Moisés Augusto

Also Known As: Moisés Augusto Coelho

Biography: Moisés Augusto Coelho is a producer who has worked on movies such as Eu Me Lembro, released in 2005, and Esses Mocos which was released in 2007. Moisés Augusto Coelho’s first movie was a short called Mr. Abrakadabra! in 1996, and then he continued in 1998 with A Mãe.

Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:
Oriki (2000 – Jorge Alfredo, Moisés Augusto).

Mr. Abrakadabra! (1996);
A Mãe (1998);
Oriki (2000 – Jorge Alfredo, Moisés Augusto);
Eu Me Lembro (2005);
Esses Mocos (2007).