Ousmane Sembène, Tout à la Fois

Also Known As: Ousmane Sembène, All At Once
Director: Christine Delorme
Country: France
Year: 2011
Running Time: 52 min.
Language: French

allatonceEdited in 2011 from super-8 films, the footage for this documentary was shot in 1992. At the time, Ousmane Sembène was just finishing Guelwaar, his comedy based on a true story concerning the conflict between the Muslim and Christian communities in Senegal. Pandemonium breaks out when the corpse of a Catholic villager, nicknamed “Guelwaar” or “Noble One”, is mistakenly buried in a Muslim cemetery.

About the Director

Christine Delorme

Biography: Christine Delorme is a screenwriter, filmmaker, and producer for the French radio station, France Culture. Her work interrogates different worlds, with no apparent ties, that she succeeds in bringing together to reveal unexpected connections. Her meeting with Ousmane Sembène at FESPACO (Ougagadougou) in 1985 resulted in her film, Ousmane Sembène, tout à la fois; widely shown in Europe, the documentary is one of the rare instances where the African master allowed himself to be captured on film. Other works include a doctorate at Paris 8 University on French producer, Humbert Balsan.

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