Owell A. Brown

Biography: Owell A. Brown was born in 1973 in the Ivory Coast. When he was ten he moved to France, living first in Lyon, then in Epinal-sur-Seine in the Paris suburb where he attended the technical workshops of the 7ème Art Français. This is where he decided to pursue acting, but he was soon disappointed by the lack of roles for black actors. In his frustration, he began to write screenplays about the life he knew in the tough suburbs. In 1996 he directed his first short, Embrouilles de cités, which was shown on television several times. His other works include The Sunglasses (1997), Mas (1997), Confidences sourdes (1998), Le Droit Chemin (1998), The Birthday (2005), No Way (2008) and Le Mec idéal (2011).

(Source: AFF, Inc.)

Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:
Lunettes noires [The Sunglasses] (2002).

Embrouilles de cités (1996);
Lunettes noires [The Sunglasses] (1997);
Mas (1997);
Confidences sourdes (1998);
Le Droit chemin (1998);
(Paris la métisse) The Birthday (2005);
No Way (2008);
Le Mec idéal (2011).