Riaan Hendricks

Biography: Riaan Hendricks was born in Cape Town in November 1975. He studied philosophy and psychology at the University of Western Cape. He is a self-taught filmmaker, and has taken a short course in film production. He has worked as an editor, has produced a number of documentaries and has directed several films. His first film A Fisherman’s Tale was financed by NFVF South Africa. Two years later it was described as a “sterling directorial debut”, and won a Jury Special Mention for Documentary at the Apollo International Film Festival. A Fisherman’s Tale (2004) “reminds me of the art of Picasso and Diego Riviera, who had used their art to animate the condition of the working people and their dignity” – Professor Ben Turok, Independent Newspaper. The director’s documentary film The Last Voyage won the Silver Dhow for Documentary film at the 2011 Zanzibar International Film Festival.


Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:
Baraka (2009 – Marianne Gysae, Riaan Hendricks, Omelga Mthiyane).

A Fisherman’s Tale (2004);
PMS (2006);
The City that Kills Somalians (2007);
Through the Eye of the Needle (2007);
The Wait (2008);
Revolutionaries Love Life (2008);
Baraka (2008 – Marianne Gysae, Riaan Hendricks, Omelga Mthiyane);
Island of Healing (2009);
The Last Voyage (2009);
The Devil’s Lair (2012);
Cocaine, Suicide and the Meaning of Life (2012).