Rigoberto López and Frantz Voltaire

Also Known As: Rigoberto López Pego

Biography: Rigoberto López, who is from Cuba, has directed many documentaries, short and feature films. His numerous works have been very successful both to the public and critic, in Cuba as abroad and have garnered important national and international prizes. This prolific director participated in numerous conferences, workshops and seminars all around the world about cinema in general and the Cuban cinema in particular. Rigoberto López has been a member of the jury of many national and international festivals and has represented Cuban cinema in numerous events. He graduated in politics from Havana University, and has worked for the cinema section of the Cuban television. He joined the Cuban Institute for Art and the Film Industry (ICAIC) as assistant director in 1971. Rigoberto López is the President of Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase.

 Frantz Voltaire was born in Haiti in 1948. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in History at Universidad de Chili, a Master of Arts (MA) in Political Science at Flacso in Chili, a Master of Arts (MA) in International Relations at Université du Québec (UQAM) in Québec, Canada, and Doctoral studies at the Université de Montréal. He has received various scholarships: United Nations, Japan, Université de Montréal, etc. He gave lectures and conferences in various universities in the United States, Latin America, Canada, Chili, Mexico, Argentina, Japan and all over the Caribbean. He has published numerous articles and written the books Black Power in Haiti and A Brief History of Blacks in Canada. He produced and co-directed Puerto Príncipe mío (Potoprens se pa’m) in 2000 (Brazil Cora Coralina Awards) and produced Del Cafetal a la Tumba Francesa. He directed documentaries such as: Les Chemins de la mémoire (2002 – Canada National Film Board Awards), Au nom du Père… Duvalier (2004 – Caribbean Awards), Maestro Issa (2008) and Manno Charlemagne – Konviksyon (2010). He was the founder of the Human Rights Film Festival in Montreal and was Chief of Staff for Haitian Prime Minister Robert Malval. Other accomplishments include being a member of the Montreal Art Council, the chairman and founder of CIDIHCA in 1983, a Haitian and Caribbean research center based in Montreal, and the publisher for Editions Cidihca.


Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:
Puerto Príncipe mío [Potoprens se pa’m] (2000).

De una vieja Habana (1968 – Rigoberto López);
El Arroz (1969 – Rigoberto López);
El Puerto: Toma I (1970 – Rigoberto López);
Crímenes de guerra (1975 – Rigoberto López);
Apuntes para la historia del movimiento obrero cubano [Notes for the History of the Cuban Workers’ Movement] (1975 – Rigoberto López);
La Lanza de la nación [The Spear of the Nation] (1977 – Rigoberto López);
La Primera Intervención [The First Intervention] (1977 – Rigoberto López);
El Eslabón más fuerte (1980 – Rigoberto López);
Junto al golfo (1980 – Rigoberto López);
Este cine nuestro (1980 – Rigoberto López);
Semillas de hombres (1982 – Rigoberto López);
Las Visitaciones de José Luciano (1982 – Rigoberto López);
Granada, El Despegue de un sueño [Granada, A Dream Takes Off] (1983 – Rigoberto López);
Pero no olvides (1984 – Rigoberto López);
Roja es la tierra (1985 – Rigoberto López);
África: Círculo del infierno (1985 – Rigoberto López);
Los Hijos de Namibia (1987 – Rigoberto López);
Breve carta de Namibia (1987 – Rigoberto López);
El Viaje más largo (1987 – Rigoberto López);
Esta es mi alma (1988 – Rigoberto López);
La Primavera prohibida (1988 – Rigoberto López);
Mensajero de los Dioses (1989 – Rigoberto López);
Del Caribe al Mediterráneo (1990 – Rigoberto López);
La Soledad de la jefa de despacho (1990 – Rigoberto López);
Pedacito de cielo (1993 – Rigoberto López);
Yo soy del son a la salsa (1996 – Rigoberto López);
Puerto Príncipe mío [Potoprens se pa’m] (2000);
Les Chemins de la mémoire (2002 – Frantz Voltaire);
Roble de olor [Scent of Oak] (2003 – Rigoberto López);
Le Pèlerinage de Thomassin (2003 – Frantz Voltaire);
Au nom du Père… Duvalier (2004 – Frantz Voltaire);
Danny Glover [Hacer Arte, Hacer Justicia] (2004 – Hoari Chiong Muñoz, Rigoberto López);
Figueroa (2007 – Rigoberto López);
Maestro Issa (2008 – Frantz Voltaire);
Manno Charlemagne – Konviksyon (2010 – Frantz Voltaire).