Ron Mulvihill

Biography: Active as a filmmaker, producer/director and editor for a variety of feature and documentary subjects, Ron Mulvihill is a multi-talented film/video maker and has a knack for bringing together talented individuals from around the world on international award-winning productions. He is a partner at Gris-Gris Films. His feature film, Maangamizi, the Ancient One (2000) continues to receive accolades after being selected as Tanzania’s official selection at the 74th Academy Awards. At Zanzibar’s International Film Festival, the film won Best Feature and Best Actress and also won the 2004 Paul Robeson Award for Best Feature Film. Mulvihill graduated with an MFA from the esteemed film school at UCLA. His work, much of it based on cultures in Africa, reflects cultural and spiritual elements around indigenous cultures. His film, The Marriage of Mariamu (1985), the first Tanzanian-American co-production, was a prominent Festival winner at FESPACO in 1985 having received the Best Short Film Award, the Organization of African Unity Award and the Journalists and Critics Award; it went on to win several more awards at Film Festivals in Europe and the U.S. Additionally, Mulvihill has produced three documentaries, We Are Still Here, Sharing Is Unity and Prince Dixon’s Gospel Caravan.


Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:
Maangamizi, the Ancient One (2001).

Sharing Is Unity (1983);
The Marriage of Mariamu (1985);
Maangamizi, the Ancient One (2000);
Poetry in Motion: 100 Years of Zanzibar’s Nadi Ikhwan Safaa (2012).