Sérgio Guerra

A Brazilian photographer, advertising professional and cultural producer, Sérgio Guerra was born in Recife in 1961. He then moved to Rio de Janeiro, where he started his career in cinema and photography. In São Paulo, he started working in advertising, before moving to Salvador in the 1980s. After ten years working for several advertising agencies in the State of Bahia, in 1991 he founded Link Comunicação e Propaganda, where he served as director for thirteen years, being particularly involved in governmental communication and political marketing. In 1997, he gradually started settling in Angola, where the federal government invited him to develop a communication plan for the nation. In 2000 he founded Maianga Produções Culturais in Salvador, a company that operates in the cultural market producing shows, books, CDs, and videos. In 2001, he was elected Advertising Professional of the Year by Bahia Columnists Award. In 2003 Maianga was also established in Luanda, thus consolidating the cultural exchange between Brazil and Angola promoted by Guerra. Being President of M’Link in Angola, in his constant trips across that African nation he became the only foreign photographer to register all Angolan provinces during the civil war. Author of a collection of more than 120 thousand photos spread worldwide, including panels and publications by other authors, he has already published seven authorial books showing Angola’s peoples and beauty, and held major photo exhibitions in Brazil, Africa, and Europe.

(Source: http://www.sergioguerra.com/en/biografia.asp)

Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:
The War of Angola [Angola – Nação Coragem] (2000).

The War of Angola [Angola – Nação Coragem] (1999);
Uma história (2004);
Um menino do Bié (2008).