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The Great Dance (DVD cover), 2000, 75 min.
  • The Great Dance
  • Director: Craig and Damon Foster
    Country: South Africa
    Year: 2000
    Running Time: 75 min
    Language: English

    The Great Dance is a fascinating documentary that examines the unique relationship between Kalahari Desert Bushmen, or the San people, and the harsh landscape … read more»

Jean-Marie Teno, Cameroon, 2004, 78 min.
  • The Colonial Misunderstanding
  • Director: Jean-Marie Teno
    Country: Cameroon
    Year: 2004
    Running Time: 78 min.
    Language: English, French and German

    Germany’s genocidal war against the Herrero people in Namibia was a precursor to the policies of the Nazi regime. The film shows a bold … read more»

Euzhan Palcy, Martinique, 1983, 103 min.
  • Sugar Cane Alley
  • Director: Euzhan Palcy
    Country: Martinique
    Year: 1983
    Running Time: 103 min.
    Language: French

    Set in Martinique in 1931, Sugar Cane Alley paints a rich impasto of native life under French colonial rule, filtered through the coming-of-age of a bright, sweetly … read more»

Moolaadé (DVD cover), 2004, 124 min.
  • Moolaadé
  • Director: Ousmane Sembène
    Country: Senegal / Burkina Faso
    Year: 2004
    Running Time: 124 min.
    Language: Jula and French with English subtitles

    Moolaadé is a rousing film directed against the still-common African practice of female circumcision. Set in a small village, … read more»

  • Marion Manigo
  • Marion Manigo is a certified Life Coach specializing in coaching single parents. Her coaching practice extends throughout the N.E. and S.E. United States. Marion has a BA in Sociology from Queens College of the City University of New York and … read more»

  • Tunde Giwa
  • Tunde Giwa is a born and raised Nigerian. Currently he works for the Julliard School in New York City as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO). He is a consistent blogger on his blog, The Joyful Curmudgeon, and has been posting … read more»

  • Lindiwe Dovey
  • Lindiwe Dovey is senior lecturer in African film and performance arts at SOAS, University of London, and the co-founding director of Film Africa, London’s African film festival, and founding director of the Cambridge African film festival. She is the author … read more»

  • Elisabeth Lequeret
  • Each week for 47 minutes, Elisabeth Lequeret and Sebastian Jedor offer reviews, reports, analyzes, and findings on the news of cinema in the world. All the World Cinema explores, every Saturday, news cinema in all its kinds, on all continents, … read more»

  • Charlotte Garson
  • The film critic Charlotte Garson works for Cahiers du Cinema. She is also the programmer for the Festival des 3 Continents, created in 1999, in Nantes since 2009. The website includes movie reviews written by a team of editors movie-goers. … read more»

  • Rachel Gabara
  • Rachel Gabara teaches French and Francophone African and Caribbean literature and film. She is the author of From Split to Screened Selves: French and Francophone Autobiography in the Third Person (Stanford, 2006) and recent articles on African film in Global read more»

  • Patricia Blanchet
  • Patricia Blanchet was born in Haiti during the 1960s, and became known as an artist due to her involvement in dance, film, photography, and painting. She was married to Ed Bradley, a well-known 60 minutes journalist who passed away in … read more»

  • Mejeke K. Maurice Jones
  • Mejeke K. Maurice Jones, or K. Maurice Jones, is a published author. He has published three books, Say it Loud/Story of Rap Music (1994), Say it Loud, Trd (1994), and Spike Lee and the African American Filmmakers: A Choice of read more»

  • KV Crew
  • In order to provide top quality Network programming, KVTV 13 CBS Laredo has committed itself to providing Laredo and the surrounding area with the most effective and strongest means of broadcast power available in the market. Using a 1000-foot tower … read more»

  • Steve Smith
  • Born on Oct. 30, 1956, in Connecticut, Smith studied African law and anthropology at the University of Paris, and history, philosophy, and political science at the Free University of Berlin. After working as a freelance journalist for a few years, … read more»

  • Saya Woolfalk
  • Saya Woolfalk is an Asian- and African-American performance artist based in New York. She also travelled to Japan for the study of performance and craft traditions under an Art Matters Grant in 2007.  Also in 2007, Woolfalk received an NYFA … read more»

  • Alla Verlotsky
  • Born in Kiev, Ukraine, Verlotsky holds a Bachelor’s degree in Film Study from the Russian State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK) in Moscow, where she specialized in cinema of Central Asia and Africa.  After moving to the United States, Verlotsky  was  … read more»

  • Samuel Shearer
  • Samuel Shearer is a PhD student in the department of Anthropology at CUNY – Graduate Center, and an adjunct lecturer in the Department of Anthropology at City College of New York. He has lived in South Africa and Rwanda. His … read more»

  • Mark Drury
  • Mark Drury is a doctoral student at CUNY-Graduate Center in anthropology. His research includes sub-Saharan migrants in North Africa, the anthropology of human rights, and development. He and several other anthropology students have written papers about African cinema and its … read more»

  • Beatriz Leal Riesco
  • Beatriz Leal Riesco is a historian of Art at the University of Salamanca, where she has worked as a researcher and adjunct professor.  While preparing to read her thesis on “The Concept of Authorship in the History of Cinema,” she … read more»

  • Muriel Placet-Kouassi
  • Muriel Place-Kouassi is a French professor at Drew University. She is a also a published author, having written a French textbook, Berlitz Language: Essential French in 2009.

    read more»