Angano… Angano…/ Tales From Madagascar

Director: Marie-Clemence and Cesar Paes
Countries: Madagascar
Year: 1989
Running Time: 63 min.
Language: Malagasy


A journey through tales and legends. A voyage between reality and imaginary in Madagascar. A subjective and impressionistic vision, tinged with humor and tenderness. The central character of the film is the oral tradition itself, which passes down the wisdom of the ancestors.

About the Director

Marie Clémence and Cesar Paes

Biography: Marie Clémence and Cesar Paes are both filmmakers known for making documentary feature films where music is both narrative and pretext. Their films address social issues and fight against clichés. Clémence is French and Malagasy. Paes is Brazilian and French. Their films such as Angano…Angano…Tales from Madagascar, Songs and Tears of Nature, and Awara Soup have won top awards at Cinema du Réel, and been screened by dozens of broadcasters. They currently reside in Paris.


Films shown in AFF, Inc. Programs: 
Angano…Angano…Tales from Madagascar (1989).

Angano…Angano…Tales from Madagascar ( 1989);
Batuque, l’âme d’un peuple (2006);
L’opéra du bout du monde/An Opera from the Indian Ocean ( 2012).