Cassa Cassa! Danced Encounters Between Africa and its Diaspora


Director: Elodie Lefebvre
Countries: Senegal
Year: 2012
Running Time: 51 min.
Language: English, French, Spanish and Portuguese

In 2007, Germaine Acogny, a leading figure in contemporary African dance and the founder of the École des Sables in Senegal invited for the first time thirty-five choreographers and musicians of African origin for the project «Rencontres dansées de l’Afrique et de sa diaspora » (« DANCED ENCOUNTERS OF AFRICA AND ITS DIASPORA »). This remote place became the site for an exceptional exchange. Each artist brings his or her own personal universe. They unfold it under the others’ gaze, in a quest for the nature of the links that unite them with Africa. It is with a desire for communion and sharing that these unique trajectories meet at the École des Sables, where they reunite with their collective history.

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