Cultural Healing

Director: Various
Countries: Sudan
Year: 2013
Running Time: Various
Language: Arabic


Cultural Healing is a series of seven short films from Sudan.

Nile Drums by Mohamad Abdalaziem, 13.46min.

This film follows a Southern Sudanese musician as he bids a prolonged and bittersweet farewell to Khartoum, the city in which he grew up, before his repatriation to South Sudan.

Coming Soon by Hind Alsheikh & Mustafa Jawhar, 15.23min.

This film narrates the story of an old abandoned cinema in Kosti, a town in White Nile state. The filmmakers and the whole town pay tribute to the cinema as they recollect the contribution it made in its heyday to the culture and heritage and the identity of the town.

Only a Child by Eltahir Daoud, 9.29min.

This film tells the story of a young boy who has given up his schooling so his brothers can continue with their education.

The Crying Sea by Aladin Reyhan and Hashim Fath Alrahman, 11.32min.

This film celebrates the gift of the Red Sea to the city of Port Sudan and makes an urgent plea to its citizens to wake up to the consequences of sea pollution.

Abuna by Muzamil, 10.41min.

This film is a touching tribute to Ami Abdalseed, the caretaker and cook for the Red Sea High-school for boys. As generations of students fondly recollect their memories of Abdalseed, a powerful portrait of a man prepared to live by his principles and defy authority in his own unique way begins to emerge.

Tayba by Maha Abdalmoniem, 10.55min.

This film is an intimate portrait of the filmmaker’s aunt as she, from the repose of old age, recollects how she overcame the stigma of divorce and forged an independent life as a woman alone.

Train of Longing by Najwa Yassin, 11min.

Atbara was once known as the city of iron and steel and it was the railway that made it one of the most cosmopolitan and prosperous corners of Sudan. This film tells the tale of a city and its population and how the coming of the railway changed them both.