Farouk Salomão

Biography: Farouk Salomão was a Brazilian director and producer in film and TV, with national recognition. Solomão belonged to the functional framework of Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina and integrated culture television teams at UFSC. Originally from Belo Horizonte, and former employee of TVE River, Farouk worked in Headline Networks and Tupi Bandeirantes of Belo Horizonte, where he began his career. He passed away in October of 2008.

(Source: http://noticias.ufsc.br/2008/09/missa-de-acao-de-gracas-em-homenagem-a-farouk-salomao/)

Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:
A Song to Angola / Uma Canção para Angola (2000).

A Song to Angola / Uma Canção para Angola (2000).