Director: Angus Gibson
Countries: South Africa
Year: 2006
Running Time: 95 min.
Language: English, Southern Sotho and Zulu


After serving a jail sentence for theft, Manyisa, a young man with a cruel past and an uncertain future, is released. He is offered a new chance at life by a well-meaning pastor, Jacob Musi. Manyisa, firm in the belief that no-one ever gives without expecting something in return, is suspicious of Jacob’s generosity. Life has taught Manyisa not to trust anyone. Despite his best efforts, Manyisa is seduced by the friendship offered by Jacob’s young son, S’bu. But his attempt at a new life is threatened by the reappearance of two old acquaintances, who have traced him to the pastor’s house. They bring him the message that his old guardian, Bra Stone, a crime-lord in the township of Alexandra, demands that he returns to him. Meanwhile, Jacob must grapple with the revelation that Bra Stone was responsible for the death of his younger brother, Elias, a few years previously. The burden of this knowledge is deepened by his growing suspicion that Manyisa was involved in the murder. Jacob and Manyisa must learn that the journey to redemption is not without pain.

About the Director

Angus Gibson

Biography: Angus Gibson, one of South Africa’s premier documentary filmmakers, is a founding member of Free Filmmakers, a film co-operative established in 1985 to create a relevant South African cinema. Since 1983, when he created his first television drama, he has produced, directed, and co-written numerous highly-acclaimed and internationally award-winning documentary series and TV dramas for British and South African television, including the Heartlines series, Yizo Yizo, and Soweto, a History. He also has a rich documentary feature film experience. He co-directed the Oscar-nominated authorized biography, Mandela, for Jonathan Demme’s production company. His diverse media projects, which include audio-visual contributions to the Apartheid Museum and the Hecter Pieterson Museum, have been influential in the anti-apartheid movement.

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Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:
Mandela (1997 – Angus Gibson, Jo Menell);
Heartlines (2008, 2009).

7 Up South Africa (1992);
Mandela (1996 – Angus Gibson, Jo Menell);
Everyman – 14 Up in South Africa (1999);
Yizo Yizo (1998-2004);
Crossroads (2006);
Heartlines (2006);
21 Up South Africa: Mandela’s Children (2008);
La Toma [The Siege] (2011 – Angus Gibson, Miguel Salazar).