The Creators

Director: Laura Gamse and Jaques de Villiers
Country: South Africa
Year: 2012
Running Time: 83 min.
Language: Afrikaans, English, and Xhosa

the creators1

Step into the lives of six artists sculpting South Africa’s future from the fragments of a tumultuous past. Born in different areas of the formerly-segregated country, the artists separately recraft history — and the impacts of apartheid — in their own artistic languages. How does creative expression traverse the divide?

The Creators was shot and edited entirely by South Africans, the majority of whom were trained while on the job and now work professionally in South Africa’s burgeoning film industry.

About the Director

Jacques de Villiers and Laura Gamse

Biography: Cape Town born de Villiers is a film editor, music-maker, occasional film lecturer/teacher and very occasional director. He is very active as a musician, having released the album sleepsongs and the More Wind For Lonely Suburbs EP. He is currently at work on a new album and the completion of a long-term video installation project, In Memoriam: Eulogies to Lost Time.

Biography: American born Gamse received a Fulbright Fellowship in 2009. Gamse is currently working on the invisible sessions, a series of musical meditations intended to increase international awareness of phenomenal African artists; and the Abahlali Bikes Initiative, a project dedicated to stimulating alternative transportation in South Africa.

Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:
The Creators (2012).

Invisible Sessions (2009 – Laura Gamse, Bernard Myburgh);
The Creators (2011);
Brigidy Bram (2013 – Laura Gamse, Toby Lunn).